executive leadership

N.B. Handy’s leaders align our business strategies with our company-wide goals. They strive to lead the company in ways consistent with our mission statement and core values.


Sales Management is divided into our two main product lines: HVAC and Roofing.

Sales Management helps our sales staff:

  • Enhance their sales skills.
  • Build relationships with customers.
  • Deepen product knowledge.
  • increase company-wide sales success.

HVAC N.B. Handy sells HVAC Equipment, HVAC Equipment Accessories, Duct Supplies, Sheet Metal and Sheet Metal fabrication machinery for Commercial and Residential applications. Our customers are Mechanical contractors, Light commercial contractors, Sheet Metal Fabricators, Residential contractors, and Residential Service contractors. Our primary service areas include Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.


The roofing side of N.B. Handy includes commercial roofing, residential roofing, architectural metals, and sheet metal fabrication machinery. The Roofing Sales Group trades primarily in 5 states in the Mid Atlantic of the US, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Our commercial roofing products consist of single ply, built-up roofing, modified bitumen, metal roofing products. We represent different brands of manufacturers in different geographical markets.


Marketing works to make our branches and the products we carry visible in each market. It produces and oversees the creation of all of our marketing materials including promotional brochures and NBH logo products. Marketing also sponsors internal and external contests with prizes like the Richard Petty Driving Experience. Marketing works closely with the Pricing and Procurement departments as well as the Product Managers.


The Operations Department at N.B. Handy plays a critical role in the day-to-day functions of our company. NBH relies on material handlers and drivers to receive and store materials from our vendors and then pick, pack, and deliver materials to our customers in an efficient, timely, and service-oriented manner.


The primary objective of the Machinery group is to sell, support, and service machinery used in architectural metal, roofing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and general sheet metal applications. If a machine puts a hole in metal, cuts it, or bends it, then we sell that machine. The Machinery group supports both the Northern and Southern regions within the N.B. Handy territory. In each region we have machinery sales specialists, machinery service technicians, and inside sales representatives.


Finance is led by the Chief Financial Officer. He manages the financial welfare of the company to make sure we minimize costs and maximize profits. Sales Management helps our sales staff:

  • The Accounting Department handles the financial records and reporting for the company. It includes 3 main areas:
  • Accounts receivable - Posts and maintains all customer accounts.
  • Accounts payable - Enter, reconcile and pay vendor invoices.
  • General accounting - Produce all financial reporting and analysis, ensure tax compliance, protect company assets by monitoring expenses and ensure external audit satisfaction.

The Credit Department decides whether to extend customers credit based on high-risk and low-risk criteria. Low-risk customers are likely to pay their bills on time and maintain good credit. High-risk clients are likely to be delinquent in paying bills and may cause the company to write-off losses due to bad debt.

The department

  • Analyzes new accounts.
  • Establishes and maintains credit lines.
  • Assists the branches in collectiong past due monies and resolving issues of nonpayment.
Information Systems

The IS Department maintains our extensive computer network, phone network, and software support services. They oversee the integration of all our technology in ways useful to the company. Responsibilities range from strategic planning of the growth of technology within NBH to the day-to-day functions such as programming, network administration and application support. The IS department provides troubleshooting support for software and hardware problems throughout the organization.

supply chain: vendor management & procurement

Product Managers

Product Managers at N.B. Handy is responsible for vendor management. They seek to leverage the relative strengths of NBH and its suppliers within the marketplace through strategic alliances. They facilitate communication and information flow between vendors, buyers, sales staff, and executive staff.


The Procurement Department balances the projected inventory needs to satisfy customers with the on-hand inventory held at the branches to determine how much and when to purchase additional inventory.


The pricing and costing systems ensure customers are billed properly. Pricing ensures that selling prices are in line with the market while maintaining profitability goals for each branch.

human resources

Human Resources support branches and departments in the selection, recruitment, retention, and training of highly qualified individuals. They secure progressive benefits that are of value to employees, are cost effective and reflective of our position as an industry leader. It is the goal of HR to advance the organization’s culture of trust, ethics, collaboration, excellence and inclusion. HR also promotes awareness and consistent application of NBH’s policies and practices, monitors the company’s actions to ensure they are in compliance with employment laws and safety regulations, and ensures government reporting requirements are met.